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Shore Scuba Diving at North Bay (Coral Island)

Shore Scuba Diving at North Bay (Coral Island)

North Bay Island is one of the best locations around Port Blair for adventure water sport activities such as Scuba Diving, Sea Walk and Snorkeling activities. Infringed with rich coral reef this island is visited by a lot of travelers each day. This course is for beginners who wish to experience and explore the underwater Scuba Diving in North Bay island. North Bay island is the most popular location in Port Blair to do diving. So if you are looking into options to do Scuba Diving in Port Blair then North Bay island is the best option.

  • What you get to experience?

    The trip starts after your arrival at North Bay Island. Upon reaching North bay Island our representative attends you and directs you to the changing room. Here you are provided with the Scuba jackets and gears required during your dive. Once you are ready with your diving costume you are taken to shallow waters by the shore to give some basic training about Scuba Diving and how to use the scuba gears.  Basic signs are taught and instructions are given before your diving begins. As you get comfortable with the gears and signs we proceed forward to higher depths. A Certified diver is always with you during the diving. You will spend around 30 minutes underwater exploring the amazing reef in this coral island. Once you have completed the diving you are brought back to the shore.

    The diving experience in the North Bay island is very different than other parts of the islands. Here when you go underwater, a huge wall full of corals and fishes can be seen. Actually, if the visibility is clear at North Bay you get a very good underwater image with a perfect background full of corals. 

    Changing rooms and washrooms with showers are available for you to change refresh.

  • Things To Note

    Boat Ride to North Bay island from the water sports complex is not included in this tour.

  • Highlights

    • Scuba Diving for Beginners
    • No Swimming Skills Required
    • Diving in North Bay Island
    • Certified Scuba Dive Master accompany you underwater
₹4,000.00 Regular Price
₹3,500.00Sale Price
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