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Boat Diving at Havelock For Beginner

Boat Diving at Havelock For Beginner

Boat Scuba Diving is one step ahead of the basic Scuba diving excursions. The usual beginner diving is shore diving and this boat diving is different than the shore diving. In boat scuba diving, we ride on a boat to the dive site and then take a jump into the waters. You gear up on the boat and take a plunge into the waters. Boat diving takes the diving experience to an altogether different level. 

Your trip begins at a given allotted time (Depends upon the booking slot you get) from the dive shop where you gear up with all necessary scuba jackets, oxygen masks and other equipment required for the activity. Upon reaching the dive center you get a briefing on what to do and what to expect during the day; then you spend some time trying shallow water skills and getting comfortable with the gear.


You are instructed with various signs and basics about how to use the equipment underwater. All the necessary safety procedures are taught before the dive begins. We follow the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) general standards and recommendations. Trained professional divers assist you during the dive underwater and also while taking the plunge into the waters from the boat.

During this diving experience, we go on a boat to the diving site. The boat ride takes place once all your training and basic know-how are completed.

The maximum depth of this program is 12 Mtr – how deep you want to go depends upon your comfort level and the instructor's discretion (we want you to have fun, but safety obviously comes first!). The duration of the dive depends on you, your air consumption and your comfort level. This program lasts up to 30 Minutes. Post this boat diving experience we return back to the dive center. Here at the center, you fresh up and drop your diving gears back at the diving centre. We suggest you carry a pen drive/dongle to take your video after the dive ends.

  • Things To Note

    •  Asthma patients, Pregnant women, Person with extreme back problems, Heart patients, Physically Challenged should avoid this activity.
    • If you have any health issues then please consult your doctor before taking the dive.
  • Highlights

    • Personal Video
    • NO Swimming Skills Required
    • Maximum Depth 12 Metres
    • Boat ride Included
    • Certified Scuba Dive Master accompany you Underwater
    • Scuba Diving Certificate will be Provided
₹6,500.00 Regular Price
₹5,500.00Sale Price
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